Specializing in Violin,Viola and Cello Repair -West Valley of Phoenix, AZ

By Appointment Only

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Starting in 1995, as an apprentice, I learned the art of violin repair at a very busy music store. 


 During the years that followed I repaired 100's of school instruments from all over the Valley of the Sun that included both stock, school instruments and privately owned .


I started my own repair shop in Jan. 2009.

Location:  Sun City, Arizona 


Email or call me with any questions or directions to my shop.

By appointment only. 

Look forward to meeting you.

Phone:623 398-0483

email: jeanaz@gmail.com


 Affordable Rates.  


 Services include:



Setup, adjustments

Reset neck, scroll, set sound post

Fix cracks, seams, bridge, pegs, reset lose fingerboard

Playing condition - Clean, polish, minor touch ups

Restring most stringed instruments


* Bow Rehair unavailable for new customers at this time*